Morel Mushrooms are one of the most prized, wild, edible mushrooms in the world. Morel mushrooms have been harvested throughout the bluff country adjacent to the Mississippi River for many years. The forests of this area have been known to produce the finest morels available due to the high levels of limestone.

Wiebke Fur & Trading Company has been buying fresh morel mushrooms for over 35 years. We buy most of our mushrooms from the tri-state area of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. We sell our mushrooms throughout the country to restaurants, produce markets and other wholesale distributors. We also sell nationwide on a retail level.

We produce Blonde / Yellow morel mushrooms. The yellow (blonde) mushrooms are considered a delicacy throughout the world. The yellow morels are the finest tasting and most tender variety of the morel mushroom family. (We ask that they not be confused with the less desirable black morels, which are produced in the Western States and Canada.) Mushrooms are available during the month of May. Please call for current market pricing and to place your order. Orders are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight.

1-4 lbs

$38.00 per lb.