With over 70 years of experience, Wiebke Fur & Trading Company has become one of the largest exporters of wild ginseng in the upper Midwest.  We are continually seeking supplies of quality fresh (green) or dried ginseng that has been legally harvested.

Wild ginseng is a sustainable product that has been harvested for hundreds of years in the United States.  We ask that you carry on this tradition by selectively harvesting mature plans and replant the seeds for future harvesters.  Ginseng seed is available to purchase in late August through September.

TIP: When harvesting ginseng it’s very important that you do not wash the roots.  Washing the roots will lower the value and possibly make it unsaleable.  It’s best to store the fresh ginseng roots in a paper or plastic bag in a refrigerator until sold.

For questions regarding ginseng, contact:

Jason (Eitzen)