Through our contacts with various tanneries, we have access to finished leather and leather products. One product we have chosen to market is deerskin gloves. Deerskin has long been known as the premium leather for making gloves. It is characterized by its very soft, rich feel and its natural grain surface. It is flexible and conforms to your hand for a perfect fit. It is extremely strong and has the highest tensile strength of all leathers. In addition, it breathes when your hands are warm and insulates when they’re cold.

Deerskin is the preferred leather for all types of weather conditions and water is no problem with these gloves.  When wet, these gloves will dry to their original soft condition, further enhancing comfort and protection. We offer both full grain leather and suede gloves/mittens. They come in three colors (tan, black and brown) and are available in both men’s and women’s sizes; lined and unlined. The lined gloves contain a 40g thinsulate lining that is incredibly soft and comfortable. We have glove inventory year round and offer fast shipping.

In addition to deerskin gloves, we carry cowsplit, cowgrain and pigskin gloves in a variety of sizes and styles. These types of leather gloves are well suited for the work environment as they are extremely durable and at an economical price. With our wide selection of gloves, there is almost always a perfect one for any given application.