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La Crosse, WI is located in the heart of Whitetail Deer country and since opening a store there in 1987, Dan Wiebke has been actively involved in the deerskin business. With an annual production of over 200,000 skins, Wiebke Fur Co. is one of North America’s largest deer skin producers supplying tanneries throughout the world. The fine leather produced from whitetail deerskins has many applications including garment, handbag, shoe, glove and accessory.

Unlike hide brokers who only rely on a description of the product they are selling, Dan believes in personally grading and handling the skins we sell. While this requires countless hours of travel and demanding physical labor, it ensures our customers will receive a product that is properly graded to industry standards. Dan believes it is this philosophy that has led to ever increasing sales.

Whether you are a hunter, processor or skin dealer, Wiebke Fur has a market for you. We buy hides from all sections of the country. We pay cash or trade for gloves at both of our retail locations. We also run routes throughout the Midwest picking up hides from various lockers and skin dealers. Please call or email Dan with any questions you may have at
        608-784-4402 or dan@wiebketrading.com.